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Nursery practices for Fenugreek

Fenugreek is an important seed spice, native of South Eastern Europe and south western Asia ia an a is an annual herb It is mainly cultivated for seed as well as for its leaves (fresh or dried) The seeds are used as a spices and condiments to improve the flavour and the nutritive value of foods. Seeds have strong odour and slight bitterness in taste. Seed are used as seasoning agent for pickles and vegetables. It is grown all over India and the world in pockets. It is mainly grown in India, Morocco, Bulgaria, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Lebnan, Spain, Egypt, a, Turkey, Algeria. India occupies prime position among the fenugreek growing country of the world. Rajasthan and Gujarat are main fenugreek producing states of India. Other fenugreek producing states in India are MP. Chhattisgarh, A.P., T.N. U.P., H.P. Rajasthan alone produce about more than 80% fenugreek seed of the country.Read More>>

Varieties of Fenugreek